Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Few Advices to Single Men Looking for a Ukrainian Woman

It’s not exotic to hear about a man or a woman who is so busy with the professional life that simply is left out of the dating scene. Don’t you agree there is something fundamentally wrong about it? I have been a matchmaker for “A Mordinson Introduction” from Ukraine for more than 10 years now and it’s amazing to see how our clients are first very sceptical about the possibility of meeting a real Ukrainian woman and then once they actually come here to Kharkov how amazed they are to meet single local women and the success ratio is great!

Nowadays people ofte forget to date, get married and have families with children! Wake up! Yes, the money’s important, but what is good about having money and not having a loyal wife to buy things for and kids to send them to best schools? For most singles out there it’s not a matter of whether they want to date or not, it’s a matter of where and how can one find a good date!

Advice number 1. Believe in your success! Before each date tell yourself: “This could easily be her/him!” No crops grow without rain from the sky, so yes you will need some luck, but hey, let’s take it as granted that you have not enraged the Lord too many times in your life and He still does love you a lot!

Advice number 2. Be active in your pursuit. You do have a soul mate or second half of your soul and until you find it- you aren’t complete! Also know that you were indeed one thing initially. Wise men said that the man who doesn’t have a wife should act like a man who lost a treasure. If you lost a watch would you wait until somebody brings it to you, or would you go and search for it? I am sure you would go look for it! And the right person in your life is a treasure indeed.

Advice number 3. Don’t turn down offers of your friends to meet their friends, this can sometimes work pretty well, however, if you feel that you simply don’t meet the kind of people you are interested in- don’t hesitate to use professional help. There are matchmaking companies both in the US and abroad which can provide the help.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kharkov- second largest city of Ukraine and the capital of the most beautiful Ukrainian women

Kharkov (also can be spelled as Kharkiv) is one of the largest cities of Ukraine with the population of around 1.5 million people. The city is famous for its Universities, there are more than 25 schools which vary in specialization from Medicine to Agriculture. Thousands of young Ukrainian girls in their teens come to Kharkov every year to start their University education, and it's a city of choice for most of the Eastern Ukrainian youth, as the cost of tuition and also life in general in Kharkov is considerably less than in Kiev for example. A big portion of the former students stay in Kharkov to work after the graduation. Kharkov is famous for its incredibly beautiful looking women, but it needs to be said that most of the ladies here have at least one University degree. We believe it's a great city to search for a potential wife if you are looking at Ukraine- it's neither too big nor too small, there are many things to see and to do and of course the Ukrainian and Russian ladies who live here are amazing! Have a look at the profiles and pictures of the single Ukrainian women here!

Some pictures of Kharkov:

A new terminal for Kharkov International Airport

On the 28th August a new terminal for Kharkov International Airport was opened. The main investor of the construction Mr. Alexandr Yaroslavskiy, President of Ukraine Mr. Viktor Yanukovich, Governor of Kharkov region Mr. Mikhail Dobkin were present at the opening.

The new terminal is full of modern technologies and is up to the most recent European security standards. Traveling to and from Kharkov is going to become even more enjoyable with the new air gateway.

President of Ukraine

Who runs Ukrainian marriage agency Mordinson from Kharkov?

The thing we all used to enjoy in the time of Mom&Pop grocery stores was this unique atmosphere of kindness, personal approach and willingness to help. At Mordinson Ukrainian women marriage agency we strive for the same!

Mordinson agency that introduces some of the most beautiful, intelligent and family oriented ladies from Ukraine to Western gentlemen is owned and operated actually by Mordinson family members: 4 siblings Maxim, Anna, Darya and Michael Mordinson.

"We have started that business back in 1999 and since then our main maxim never changed - we provide the most personal services for the men and women who are seriously considering getting married"- says the oldest of the brothers Maxim Mordinson.
Maxim Mordinson

Mordinson photo studio

Anna Mordinson, who permanently lives in Vienna, Austria is an European representative of A Mordinson Introduction. "The reputation of the agency is closely knit to the reputation of our family. Since the very first day we never charged women clients for our services. For many years now we are running a professional advertising campaign, which along with the word of mouth brings all those incredible ladies to our agency. It is our policy to accept ladies only after a personal interview in our office and documents verification, there are many things we were pioneers at, but just as 9 years ago we take a pride in what we are doing".

We believe it's important for you to know that Mordinson staff are real people and they will not treat you as a number. Instead a "Mordinson" client should expect comprehensive and profound answers to any of his questions and unlimited support at any stage of his search for a spouse.

Darya Mordinson- manager of Mordinson agency 
Darya Mordinson
Michael Mordinson- manager of Ukrainian women marriage agency

why are you here?

The possibility of meeting a soul mate abroad has been largely compromised by the many individuals and agencies over the last decade or so. But does the chance of meeting a really nice Ukrainian or Russian woman still exist?

My name is Michael Mordinson and I represent Ukrainian marriage agency Mordinson and we say: Yes, it is very possible to meet beautiful and yet family oriented ladies in Ukraine!

Single men in western countries often turn to the idea of meeting a potential wife abroad, and there is a percentage of women from former Soviet Union countries who can't find themselves men in their home countries. The reasons to search abroad can be very different and yet they are often similar- inability to find a worthy partner at home is what drives men and women into marriage agencies.

It would be interesting to hear your own, personal reasons for looking for a wife in Ukraine or Russia!

P.S. I also wanted to share few pictures of the new ladies who joined Mordinson marriage agency recently, you can find all the ladies here: New Ukrainian Women at Mordinson
Beautiful Ukrainian women

Single Ukrainian woman
Kharkov Ukrainian woman